Experience the first Conservation Church

11th September 2014

Almost 2,000,000 visitors a year explore the Churches Conservation Trusts's 345 beautiful historic churches that lay the length and breadth of England

The new Conservation Church brand aims to give visitors a guarantee that they are welcome and about to be treated to a fascinating journey through a thousand years of history.

Why is St Mary the Virgin in Shrewsbury the first to receive this badge of honour?

No other church in England can match the stained glass collection of Shrewsbury’s St Mary the Virgin. Gathered from across Europe, these vibrant many-hued panels include the world famous Jesse Window, a 14th century creation featuring Old Testament tales and scenes from the life of St Bernard. With the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund, Churches Conservation Trust has been able to re-define St Mary’s as the major visitor attraction it is, attracting tens of thousands of visitors each year from all round the world and managed by a dedicated team of trained volunteers. New interpretation takes the visitor on a journey from the whisperings of the Norman Conquest to the perilous antics of an 18th century steeplejack whose failed attempt at flying from the steeple is commemorated in the church.

For more information please visit http://www.visitchurches.org.uk/Ourchurches/Completelistofchurches/church-of-st-mary-the-virgin-shrewsbury-shropshire/




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