Shopping in Shropshire.

Welcome to the Shropshire Shopping website

Shropshire has 22 market towns filled with many and varied independent shops. Shropshire still has the sort of shops that other places let go years ago, which is very good news for shopaholics - retail therapy awaits.

Shropshire still has long-established firms run by the second, third or even fourth generation of the family. As one of the secrets of business longevity is knowing how to look after your customers, you won't be surprised to learn that Shropshire is full of helpful retailers and staff who actually want to serve you.

A day spent browsing the quaint shops of Shrewsbury for example is quite unlike the hectic shopping experience of big cities. Wandering the cobbled streets you're bound to see something that catches your eye, whether it's an antique bookshop, a local delicatessen - or even the sort of gift shop that you might actually want to buy a gift from.

There are numerous small speciality shops stocked to the gunnels and bursting with delight. Even our 'Malls' offer a different experience. Take the Parade, where you'll find over 30 individual shops and not a high street name in sight. There are highly skilled fashion designers here too, making unique creations, so impress your friends with the latest designer label.

Shopping in Shropshire can be a cultural experience. There are art galleries and craft shops where more local talent demonstrate their wares and you can discover the next Hockney or Moore before they become as famous. Or as expensive.

If you want some fresh air try one of Shropshire's street markets. There's one in virtually every town and others also have farmers markets and regular art and craft fairs too.

For the bargain hunters among you there are antique centres, antique markets and collectors fairs - not to mention the ubiquitous car boot sales. We can't guarantee that you'll find that little piece of Fabergé for only 50p, or some forgotten master or even a neglected Chippendale (no. not the dancer) but we do guarantee that you'll have hours of amusement looking.

All shopped out? Then there are plenty of cafés, tea rooms, restaurants, pubs and inns in which to rest, refill and refresh before you venture out into the world again.